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Data Privacy


Have I been pwned (sic)? 
“You been pwned” (pronounced “owned”) is computer gamers slang for having another player take control of your character. It is also a website ( that aggregates information of companies that have been victims of hacks where their customer data has been stolen – it’s a big list. Use this to prompt a discussion and reflection on the increasing value of our online information and what we can be doing (both at work and at home) to keep it secure.

Approx running time: 10 – 15 minutes


Spot the personal data
This is a short discussion is designed to run for 8-10 minutes to help reinforced our understanding of what is Personal Data and the many places it can exist around us in the workplace. It can be used as an introduction to a broader discussion on Data Privacy or as a standalone piece.

Approx running time: 10 minutes

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