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candid  creative  collaborative

In all we do we strive to reflect a commitment to be candid, creative and collaborative.


Candid: because we believe as an external resource we owe it to our clients to be clear and not fearful in stating our assessment of their needs. We also bring this to our delivery style. While never combative, we endeavour to be clear, honest and frank in our presentation and facilitation.



Creative: because there are so many rich stories and strands of thinking within ethics and compliance, not striving to find engaging ways to pull these together is a dis-service to both the subject and our participants. Equally technology is inspiring many new ways to convey these stories and ideas.



Collaborative: we don’t now and never will have all the answers. Working together with our clients and partners is the most enjoyable and productive way to operate. 


What we believe

Companies and people gain much more than effective compliance when they put ethical capability at the core of what they do


  • Learning and the opportunity for behaviour change happen best through the sharing of stories and the rigour of debate


  • Too much compliance training lacks heart, connection to day to day roles and company purpose


  • Too often, compliance training lectures down to a perceived lowest common denominator employee, rather than trusting participants to engage and care about the topic


  • No-one has all the answers for establishing and evolving performance edged ethical cultures, but it is a privilege to be collaborating with companies and employees around the world trying to do it


  • The vast majority of employees want to feel proud of where they work and what they contribute


  • Around the world there is much more that unites than divides us 

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